The Velo Afrique Ride & My sea shell fund raising initiative

Velo Afrique - A cycling adventure in Africa for charity I was happy to participate in March 2012 in a trip to Senegal that involved:

  • Cycling 560 km in 10 days in a route across the desert and savana and seaside of Senegal on a mountain bike together with a team of 30 people. We immersed ourselves in the African colours, nature and culture in a once in a life time experience that is about physical endurance, team spirit, emotion and lots of .. sand. The route consisted of different types of terrains and ended in the capital of Senegal where we visited a school that was built by last year's initiative.
  • Fund raising together with the other participants. The money gathered will be used in order to build a new school in Medina Gounass, one of Dakar's poorest neighbourhoods. Every participant targets to raise as much as possible with a minimum of 4000 Euros.

Photos and Videos can speak louder than words, so have a look:

- Photos and videos on my facebook profile (requires facebook login)

- Photos and videos of Velo Afrique facebook page (public)

- Photos on my Picasa album (public)

Fundraising - The lucky sea shell initiativePeople that would like to help me in this initiative and contribute to a better future for the children of Dakar, can help by getting a lucky sea shell: I have used 1000 shells and painted them in different colours. One can make a donation that he defines to obtain one or more of these. Every shell has a number on it. After my trip, I will make a lottery and some persons with the lucky shell numbers will win the interesting things that I will have brought from Senegal.

You can contact me face to face, email me or express your interest to me in any other way that suits you. You can also order special types of shell e.g. with your name on it or with special colours if you want.

You can make your donation to get the sea shell the moment that you receive it when I deliver it to you or before hand. The amount will be added to the money gathered by other participants for this project and given for the building of the school.

Amount raised: 4843 Eur Shells given: 889 shells Number of supporters: 419

Not all shells have been delivered and not all amount has been collected. Last update: 1 Apr 2012

I can bring the shell(s) to you in person, send per post or hand it via a friend, depending of the circumstances.

Since 1st of April 2012 you can see here if your shell is lucky and you have won one of the prizes that I have brought from Senegal.

Keep your shell also after the lottery because within 2012 a big event will be announced and your shell will also be the entrance ticket for the event.


Updates - Events

Sunday 1 April 2012: Winning shell Numbers announced. Check the prizes website to see if your shell number is among the 15 winning ones.

Monday 12 March 2012: Our mission was completed successfully. Came back from Senegal full of experiences and nice memories. Everything went smoothly, though it was a very intense physical challenge fulll of triggers for the eye and mind.

Saturday 25 February 2012: For those that are in the Netherlands I am having some drinks to celebrate my departure and my birthday at Cafe Dulac, Amsterdam, from 20:00 onwards.